APRIL 2021 - Update:

Before the Covid-19 pandemic I had my life mapped out & my retirement planned for when i turn 60 in July 2027, I’ve been very lucky to have travelled the world doing my wildlife conservation work, given my children a private education & financial help through hard work building up successful business’s.

Then the pandemic hit the world and the world put it’s close sign up, we went into lockdown, started off quite exciting been forced to stay home and watch TV for a few weeks as we first thought. Then the weeks turned into a month , two and so on. We had read about The Black Death in school but never thought we would actually live it. We all enjoyed the summer of 2020 and the added freedom it gave us all away from shops and offices.

The Covid pandemic has got us all at some point sitting back and reflecting on life before, during and after this chaos of going back to our normal life, except for some of us our new normal has become something different when we have lost close family members and friends to it.

I was stuck inside four walls looking at the same view for 25 years like a goldfish. I was always happy like this as from the age of 15 this is how I worked and knew no different, until I got used to going for walks during the day, meeting up with friends more and enjoying a different view each day. Then when I came back to the shop after lockdown two I found I was happy to see my customers again but not happy with my confinement, back to the same four walls and view.

I have spoken to about 95% of my customers about this and my future intentions and they have agreed with my plans, because of this backing and many of you already using the mobile service, I have been able to make a final decision on my future starting from now.

I will be opening the shop from Monday 12th April for two weeks then closing it on Sunday 25th April for good and going MOBILE ONLY. I will have a Blues Barbers Mobile Facebook Private Group to join as i will eventually close the current Facebook page and on there i will issue areas i will be working within on what days. It will be APPOINTMENTS ONLY as before which you have all got used to by now and i can still be contacted on this NUMBER ONLY 07961515292 WHATSAPP/TEXT is best, if you call PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE if you don’t i will presume this is a telemarketer and i will not return the call. Prices will be the same as what you paid at the shop as i do not need to inflate such charges onto my clients.

This will be my happier new normal, I wish you all peace and happiness, I thank you for your support over many years and I hope you have appreciated the support in return, its an emotional one

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