Blues men's grooming depot.

Making sure there's nothing neanderthal about your body is not vain - it's essential, unwanted hair, spotty red skin, jagged nails, discoloured teeth & body odour have no place on the modern man.

Here at Blues, we have noticed that many of our customers are actually wanting to take care of their appearance, but either have a lack of knowledge or are intimidated to walk into a ladies beauty salon to achieve their groomed look.

So at last problem solved - A men's only private grooming depot, we will help you to achieve your total relaxed look. Hard stressful day at work? Hungover? Or simply want that polished look for a night out? Then Blues can cater for your every need inside and out.

Party Animal Pamper:

Look polished before you go and hit the town with one of our packages, maybe you would like to have a facial followed by a spray tan. We can make any package suitable to your specific need.

  • Facials start at £5.00

  • Packages TBA

Hard days work:

Why not put tired down trodden feet into a nice bubbling foot spa, have all that hard skin removed and made to feel baby soft again.

  • Pedicures start at £10.00

  • Foot wax bath £5.00

The Great British Summer:

Feeling pasty white, pop in and have a nice spray tan then walk out as if you have had two weeks in the sun with our spray tan, these are becoming very popular than the use of sunbeds, no burning, no ageing of the skin & most important no skin cancer!

  • Spray tan start at £15.00

Cut Throat Wet Shave:

You will relax at a 180 degree angle, a cooling eye mask will be placed then hot towels to open the pores. Three shaves will be done to include a final oil shave then cold towels and a final cream face mask to soothe and smooth the skin.

  • Cut throat wet shave £15.00


Hair removal is our most popular male treatment and not a pinful as men envisage. Prior to the treatment - the therapist will cleanse the area and may trim the hairs if they are too long to be waxed - generally the hairs will be trimmed to a maximum of 10mm. The therapist will then apply a high quality cream warm wax or honey and remove the unwanted hair. Afterwards, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to help the skin recover from the shock of the waxing treatment.

Benefits Of Salon Waxing:

  • UNI-Brow £2.00

  • Shoulder £8.00

  • Arms £8.00

  • Chest £10.00

  • Back £10.00

  • Chest/Back £18.00

  • After wax back massage £6.00

Relaxationhopi Ear Candles:

Thses are a holistic wellbeing treatment that have their origin in the age old culture of the Hopi Indians and other tribal people. The ear candles are made up of 100% natural cotton and beeswax, infused with pure oil aromas and essences to help you over come everyday stress and strain.

  • Hopi ear candles £6.00

We are stockist for SSN sports supplements.

For more information please call 01424 423444 or emails via our contact form.